We help brands to create engaging audio experiences

From creating podcast seasons and audio commercials to localizing global TV campaigns. We are driven by creativity and augmented by data.

We believe that machines will never* be creative. We believe in human creativity, augmented by machines.

* Not in the next 5 years


Why we think that machines will never be creative. [German]
(Keynote by Alex Jacobi at the Art Director’s Club Germany, Stuttgart 2018)



Audio Commercials

Agencies, marketing teams and production companies alike source our audio knowledge. Whether it's using our production resources for their own concepts up to leveraging our creation and research services to create engaging audio campaigns from scratch.


Audio for Video Campaigns

Full-service audio creation and postproduction through all stages of your video campaign execution. We ensure that you hit the correct tone across multiple cultural backgrounds.


Podcast seasons

We've built our own brand and this iteration of our enterprise with a podcast. Doing that we learned how to leverage longform audio storytelling for brand communication. Today international brands and agencies use our expertise for podcast creation and production.



Acoustic Storytelling

Creating engaging stories is not easy. Especially in a new medium. We help you to refine your story, find the right format from a simple interview to a complex audio feature.


Brand Voice and Music Sourcing

Voices and songs can make or break a campaign. But how do you know what’s right? By leveraging our 10 year expertise, our in house market research based on artificial emotional intelligence, our  voice talent agency wundervoices and our library of 250.000 songs.


Cross-device audio experiences

Your audience expects a consistent experience across different devices like voice assistants and mobile apps. Our inhouse team of developers and ai specialists works close together with our creative professionals to get your audio experience right.

What started with a crazy idea…

Listen to Alex Jacobi discussing our ideas with Volvos Head of Innovation Charlotta Ahlberg, while preparing the recording of a podcast episode.

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About Us

We're a team of audio creatives, developers and account managers from eight countries working on the future of audio communication across three divisions. Our mother company "With love and data" creates engaging audio experiences augmented by research and data. The technology for our artificial emotional intelligence is developed by AJ Audiovisual Intelligence. It's called quince.wtf. The third division is wundervoices, our voice casting platform operating in 40 languages. In Germany it's called sprechersprecher.de. Our mutual mission: Everything audio with love and data.